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Upcoming Online Workshops

The live online workshops are conducted in small classes with frequent feedback. 

Click on images for enquiry. 

Paintings: Selected Work
Petit Palais, Paris.jpg

Architectural Sketching

August 2022

3 hours/class x 4 classes

Recorded Online Workshops

At your request, some of the popular workshops previously conducted have been gradually made available again. Limited spaces are available to join them through recordings and I will provide feedback.

Click on images for enquiry. 

Check back often for more available workshops. 

Architectural Sketching II Workshop
Portrait Painting Workshop
Flower Painting IV Workshop
Flower Painting III Workshop
Dog Painting I Workshop
Cat Painting I Workshop
Flower Painting II Workshop
Architectural Sketching Workshop
Shop Fronts Workshop
Garden Sketching Workshop
Flower Painting I Workshop
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